The Story


IDLE STATE is the love child of Renee, whom after thirty+ years of life—traveling up, down & all around the world, working in industries and startups ranging from fashion to photography to retail and health & wellness, romancing her way out of one man’s heart & into another—felt as though she had been wandering aimlessly, like a floating amoeba, without purpose or true fulfillment.

In searching for her “true North”—some constant or anchor that remains in tact in spite of the changes that take place over the course of a human life—Renee saw that her longest commitment wasn’t to a person, an animal or a thing, but to the simple yet profound act of writing. She began to write (creatively) at the age of eleven. It’s been an on-again, off-again kind of relationship ever since, but it is the one love she finds herself consistently running back to.

As an aspiring writer (who hopes to one day get recognition for her work), this site is an ever-evolving entity. “Idle” means without purpose or effect, “to idle” means to spend time doing nothing. Idle State is birthed out of the idea that there is, in fact, value in having no purpose and doing nothing.

This site and its contents are meant to be a place of cathartic release, a refuge and a sanctuary, a place of learning and growth. It is a collection of written words and visual imageries intended to pay homage to the beauty found in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual spheres of life; to people, places, philosophies, books, foods, cultures, colors and clouds explored and not yet explored.