A Song for the Beija-Flor, Hummingbird


Dear Mother, let me be a vessel for a higher consciousness, for love,
show me what they look like in their highest and purest forms.
Dear Mother, pray for my lover, my family, friends and guardians,
pray for humanity, that we may all rise so we may do right by you.

Oh Mother, there’s a darkness darker than the dark I knew,
it is our collective pain, our collective suffering, our collective sins.
It transcends time, passing from generation to generation.
Each of us carries it within,
in our creaking bones and aching muscles,
the darkness divided amongst us.
Some carry a heavier load than others,
they are the ones with the most pain, they are the ones who need the most help.

Oh Mother, there’s a silence more silent than the silence I knew,
it is where darkness resides, it is its energy source, its womb.
It transcends dimensions, passing from plane to plane.
It lives within us,
in the spaces, cavities and voids of our bodies,
the silence disguises itself as peace.
For some, the stillness is too much to take,
they are the ones who make music, the builders of a bridge to the other side.

Oh Mother, there’s a light lighter than the light I knew,
it is brighter than the sun, softer than a feather, sweeter than a baby’s laughter.
It transcends boundaries, passing from cell to cell, atom to atom, string to string.
This is what we’re made of,
in body, mind, heart and spirit,
this light is what brought us into existence.
For many, the pull of darkness threatens to extinguish them,
they are the ones fighting the toughest battles, they are the ones who can swing the war.

Oh Mother, there’s a love lovelier than the love I knew,
it is kinder than Mother Teresa, more compassionate than Gandhi and wiser than Buddha.
It transcends consciousness, passing from him to her, to they, to you, to me.
This love is everywhere,
in the seen and unseen, tasted and untasted, in the felt and unfelt, heard and unheard, touched and untouched, thought and unthought,
love is what will save us.
Each of us have the choice to forge our own weapons of war,
but let us choose love, because John was right, all we need is love — unconditional, expansive, love.

Dear Mother, thank you for showing me the way,
thank you for helping me know what I previously only understood.