I crashed today.
It was my first.
The first droplets of rain left the concrete highway wet and slippery.
There's a bend coming up
on the 110.

I’m going in for the kill, I'm doing it for a thrill.

No traction, tires skid,
car skims the lanes.
The steering wheel wakes from its slumber,
car swerves towards the left.
An attempt to reel the wheel right yields absolute nothing,
I lose control as the rubber treads fail to grip the waterlogged road.

Time does not exist
when your fate depends on the encounter of metal to concrete.

Oh i'm hoping you'll understand, and not let go of my hand.

Something not unlike a magnetic attraction
pulls the car towards the grey cement wall.
Blood pumps heartily from my core to my veins and back.
The air has never smelled sweeter.
It must be the epinephrine kicking in,
I feel alive.

Let me pump the brakes,
and embrace this fleeting moment of the real.